Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: The first female firefighter featured in FDNY calendar

Danae Mines

Bronx firefighter Danae Mines

The annual FDNY Calendar of Heroes, featuring 13 of New York’s firefighters, includes a woman for the first time.

Danae Mines, who is one of 41 female firefighters in the New York department, graces the month of March–fittingly, Women’s History Month. She wanted to be in the calendar for awhile but “was told that it was all guys. They said if I made it in the calendar, I would look like a pinup girl.” 

But, showing the same determination that no doubt helped her follow through on her childhood dream of becoming a firefighter despite those who told her it was a man’s job, she insisted on doing it on her own terms. And she’s happy with how the photo turned out.

Mines explains why it was so important to her: “I wanted my picture in the calendar so that young girls and young women can see me and know that they can do this job.”

Maya DusenberyMaya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing.

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