New Favorite Tumblr: Beyoncé Voters

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Last week, Fox News host Jesse Watters accused Hillary Clinton of courting the “single ladies vote” with her response to the Hobby Lobby decision. According to Watters, these women–who make up a quarter of the electorate and broke for Obama by 76 percent last election–”depend on government because they’re not depending on their husbands. They need contraception, health care, and they love to talk about equal pay.”

Watters coined the term “Beyoncé voters” to refer to this birth control-using, equal pay-loving single lady voting bloc, and so of course a perfect Tumblr was born. I can’t wait to hear Watters’ response when us Beyoncé voters deliver another election. Until then, check out more images after the jump. I can’t decide if I love RBG’s or Paul Ryan’s the most. 

Hillary Clinton

Paul Ryan




Maya DusenberyMaya is switching her voter registration from “Democrat” to “Beyoncé.”

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