Photos of the Day: Pro-choice decorating at Hobby Lobby

pro-choice hobby lobby

Still pissed about the Hobby Lobby ruling? Follow Jasmine Shea‘s lead and vent that frustration with some creative rearranging at your local Hobby Lobby store. (Offering the cashier a package of birth control pills along with your payment is another idea.) You can find the store closest to you here.

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Atlanta, GA

Maya Dusenbery is an Executive Director in charge of Editorial at Feministing. Maya has previously worked at NARAL Pro-Choice New York and the National Institute for Reproductive Health and was a fellow at Mother Jones magazine. She graduated with a B.A. from Carleton College in 2008. A Minnesota native, she currently lives, writes, edits, and bakes bread in Atlanta, Georgia.

Maya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Editorial.

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  • Allie

    Why is is cool to make their employees’ jobs harder? Like, trust me, the decision pissed me off, but this is just taking it out on the wrong people.

  • Marlene

    I’m not so sure if the way to protest a business treating their workers badly is to heap more shit on those same workers.

    I promise you that it isn’t going to be the CEO whose job is at risk if they don’t get those cute protests on aisle four cleaned up right the nows.

    This issue makes lots of people want very much to do SOMETHING, but it actually matters what that something is. Piling more shit on abused and exploited workers is pretty much exactly not how to make stuff better for those workers.

  • Brandon

    Wouldn’t offering the cashier a package of birth control pills be a felony since all normal forms of birth control are controlled substances for some reason?

  • Hannah

    I think this is actually a terrible idea. The villains here are the *owners* of Hobby Lobby, who have just successfully screwed over their employees. If you mess with stuff in a Hobby Lobby store, who will have to clean it up? Their in-store employees, the people whose rights have already been attacked. There are so many better ways to make a statement against the ruling and the company that DON’T make more work for (or harass, in the case of giving a cashier BC) the people already being harmed.

  • liz

    I absolutely cannot believe that it is 2014 and you are encouraging people to fuck with minimum wage workers who are just trying to get through the day and make enough money to pay their bills. Anyone who does this is garbage and is accomplishing nothing but making extra work for someone who likely already agrees with your views but has to take whatever job they can.

  • Willy Banjo

    All this will do is make life harder on the underpaid people working at that store, the people most directly affected by the ruling. It’s not going to affect the owners at all.

  • Judy Seagram

    All this will accomplish is to harass Hobby Lobby employees. So they get to work for a crappy company, AND clean up your mess. Don’t do it. There are many more ways to make the political point without being an inconsiderate jerk.

  • Chari

    Not cool. So not the way to protest against the owners of Hobby Lobby. You’re only creating more work for the people you ostensibly are trying to help.