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  1. Why didn’t she just report to the police? Rape is a crime. Crimes get reported to the police. How do we know this even happened?
  2. Rape isn’t just a crime. Rape steals a woman’s soul and she is deprived of a piece of her heart that she will never again regain.  She will be a shell of her former self forever. I weep for her.
  3. Thanks for this coverage. As a college survivor, it means a lot to me to hear about other people coming forward and speaking out.
  4. #3, how do we know you’re telling the truth? You don’t have any proof you were raped.
  5. Yea #3 you can’t just make accusations like that
  6. #3, a friend of mine was falsely accused of rape in college, he’s a good guy I know he didn’t do it, you should think about the lives you’re ruining
  7. When I went to college we knew how to keep our knees shut and didn’t get blind drunk. I will tell my daughter when she leaves home that it’s up to her to stop boys from doing the things they do.
  8. Yo that chick is hot.
  9. #8 I googled her she’s not that hot
  10. How do we know she’s telling the truth? If we had a police investigation we would know for sure. But she never told the police why should I trust her………………..
  11. I am against rape but I believe this is an issue for the police to deal with why are schools involved in this at all?*
  12. Rape is a NATURAL instinct. Lions rape each other in the wild all the time.  Rape is bad but this is the world we live in.
  13. The real victims here are our boys. What happened to innocent until proven guilty????
  14. #13, innocent until proven guilty is a standard used by courts, not journalists. Check your facts
  15. #14 NO! Newspapers can’t just print these things and ruin these boys’ lives, it’s just not right. And don’t tell me to “check my facts” this is America I can say whatever I want
  16. Who would want to rape that girl?
  17. Why didn’t she call the police???
  18. Just a whore starved for attention
  19. This wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for FEMINISM. FEMINISM tells women it’s fine to put themselves in vulnerable positions by partying and being promiscuous. Look, I don’t mean to excuse these boys but I don’t let a ROBBER into my HOME and give him the code to my SAFE and then get mad when he TAKES MY DIAMOND.
  20. She’s probably lying
  21. Why didn’t she call the cops?


*Schools are involved because Title IX guarantees students an education free from gender-based discrimination and violence.


Alexandra Brodsky is an editor at Feministing, student at Yale Law School, and founding co-director of Know Your IX. The comment section on the first article she ever wrote about campus sexual violence included a discussion of whether she or the girl in the stock photo was hotter.

New Haven, CT

Alexandra Brodsky is an editor at, student at Yale Law School, and founding co-director of Know Your IX, a national legal education campaign against campus gender-based violence. Alexandra has written for publications including the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and the Nation, and she has spoken about violence against women and reproductive justice on MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and NPR. Through Know Your IX, she has organized with students across the country to build campuses free from discrimination and violence, developed federal policy on Title IX enforcement, and has testified at the Senate. At Yale Law, Alexandra focuses on antidiscrimination law and is a member of the Veterans Legal Services Clinic. Alexandra is committed to developing and strengthening responses to gender-based violence outside the criminal justice system through writing, organizing, and the law. Keep an eye out for The Feminist Utopia Project, co-edited by Alexandra and forthcoming from the Feminist Press (2015).

Alexandra Brodsky is an editor at, student at Yale Law School, and founding co-director of Know Your IX.

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