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You might recognize FKA twigs from our Best Feminist Music Videos of 2013, or just from the fact that she’s been blowing up all over the place with her haunting tracks, smart musings, and on point style. She recently announced that she’s coming out with a full length album, LP1, after two incredibly well-received EPs, and today she premiered a brand-new video along with an awesome cover story for the folks over at Dazed.

Profile shot of twigs, hair up in a huge ponytail with babyhair beautifully styled in curlycues. She's wearing a fur and gesturing with her hands

(Photo credit: Dazed)

The singer, songwriter, producer, dancer — and all around heavy-hitting artist — creates strong visual components to go with her tracks, a lot of which play with gender, standards of beauty, and sexuality in really interesting and always visually stunning ways. In the Dazed cover story, twigs talks, among other things, about her artistic process, being a child weirdo, and her experience growing up as a mixed-race girl:

She was the only mixed-race girl in her Catholic school. “Obviously it was hard,” she remembers. “People said horrible things about something I had no control of, which was tough. But that’s okay. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, is it? I never really saw anything wrong with how I looked, it was more that certain people pointed things out to you about yourself. Either your hair’s different, or the colour of your skin, or your features. Half of my life I’ve had people staring at me because they think I’m funny-looking and ugly. The other half of my life 
I’ve had people staring at me because they think I’m fascinating. Everything neutralises. It’s more of a statement on society and how weird it is.”

Make sure to check out the whole cover story, gorgeous photos, and new video here!

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