New Favorite Tumblr: When Women Refuse

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Usually our “New Favorite Tumblr” feature highlights cats or sandwiches, but “When Women Refuse” is proof of online community media’s ability to bear far more weight than we give it credit. The new site, started by Deanna Zandt, catalogs “stories of violence inflicted on women who reject sexual advances.” The posts contextualize the Isla Vista shooting as a particularly gruesome instance of a widespread pattern rather than an inexplicable aberration.

A trigger warning feels redundant given the Tumblr’s mission, but take care of yourself if you read: both the stories and images are graphic. You can find a few more posts after the jump.When Women Refuse 2When Women Refuse 3


Alexandra Brodsky is a Feministing editor, student at Yale Law School, and founding co-director of Know Your IX.

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