Megachurch pastor compares abortion clinics to Nazi concentration camps

California megachurch pastor James L. Garlow can’t wait for the day when abortion clinics no longer provide abortions and are instead seen as what they really are: modern-day concentration camps. 

In an interview in the Daily Caller with Ginnie Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and a conservative in her own right, Pastor Garlow shares his predictions on President Obama’s legacy. First of all, Obama deserves to be blamed not just for destroying the sanctity of marriage (duh!) but also for ruining the American family: “Among other things, this man has done more to harm life, and to harm the institution of marriage and the family than any other president ever… when he came out on that occasion opposing traditional marriage — one man, one woman — he did a catastrophic blow to America.”

So, who will history look back on with kindness? Why, people just like him, come to mention it! “History is going to be very kind to those of us who stood for babies in the womb because the evidence is swinging so far in our direction.” Not sure what evidence he’s talking about, but moving on. People like Garlow will be remembered for realizing that there is “something innately right about the man who contributes the sperm, and the woman who contributes the egg that are best inclined to protect their offspring.” Garlow reiterates just how great his legacy will be: “History is going to be very kind for those who stood for one man, one woman marriage — which history has for 5,000 years until we suddenly had this epiphany, we don’t need a mom and dad anymore — and history is going to be very kind for those who tried to protect babies, innocent babies in the womb.”

And those people who defend the right to an abortion or accept same-sex marriage will be seen for what they truly are: Nazis. Garlow doesn’t even like to think about it: “I hate to think how people are going to be cast by history itself when they realize.” And Garlow should know. He recalls taking people to visit concentration camps in Germany. “How could this happen?” the visitors would ask him. “Where were people? How could the church be silent?” According to Garlow, some day soon, “that’s what we’re going to say” about abortion: “Sometime there are going to be tours in the future through abortuaries — the killing centers of America — and say, ‘Where was the church? Where were you grandpa when this was going on? Were you silent?”

I would love to see the part of the bible that condemns abortion. How about the part that even mentions it. I’ll take anything at this point. Really!

Of course, everyone loves hijacking and trivializing the Holocaust for their own political agenda. But if Garlow is really interested in history, abortion and Nazism, he should listen to someone who actually knows about it, like Gisella Perl, a physician and prisoner of Auschwitz, who saved women’s lives by providing them with abortions. Garlow may condemn her, but I’m pretty sure history won’t.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.13.50 PM Katie Halper is a writer, filmmaker and comedian.

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