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The Feministing newsletter delivers news, analysis, and snark to your inbox, keeping you up-to-date and informed on feminist happenings and ways to take action. We know Feministing is more than a website — it’s a community — and we’re working to make some big improvements to our newsletter so that it’s the best it can be for our community.

We’re taking our bi-weekly newsletter to once a week and adding new insider-y goodness. Courtney Baxter, who puts together the Weekly Feminist Reader, will also be compiling feminist highlights to share from around the web. Newsletter subscribers will also receive advance invitations to in-person Feministing meet-ups and other exclusive content. This month, in celebration of Feministing’s 10th anniversary this past Saturday, we wanted to highlight Feministing past, present, and future. So Courtney is conducting super fun interviews with current and former members of the crew, which will be shared exclusively on the email list. 

And this is just the beginning: we’re going to continue growing and building the newsletter and offering new services and opportunities on the list. Courtney and I are leading efforts on the newsletter, and we welcome your feedback to make the newsletter the best resource it can be.

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Jos Truitt Jos Truitt is an Executive Director of Feministing.

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