Only men can handle burgers, according to laziest Hardee’s ad yet

Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.’s advertising approach has always been unapologetically sexist, but I guess these days they’re abandoning all subtlety.

Yep, X-Men shape-shifter Mystique must literally morph into a Real Man™ before she can eat this burger. 

As a huge fan of bacon cheeseburgers, I take major offense. But I’m also pretty sure that no man, woman, or mutant was designed to be able to digest the shitty food at Carl’s Jr. (which, btw, recently got the dubious distinction of hawking the most caloric kid’s meals of all fast food chains). So whether you’re boycotting because of their sexist advertising or their unhealthy food, Real Feminists™ should get their burgers elsewhere.

Maya DusenberyMaya takes her burgers without a side of sexism.

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