New Favorite Tumblr: White Boys in Salmon Shorts

Umm… yes please. White Boys in Salmon Shorts, started at an unnamed Northeastern college, seeks “to draw attention to and foster dialogue about the preponderance of white boys in salmon-colored shorts, and their variants, on our campus, as well as places across the country.” Don’t worry, though, pastel mint green is fine, too. As WBSS’s “Statement of Inclusivity” reads:

We are an inclusive blog. Which means, that we identify “white boys in salmon-colored shorts” as an emblem of upper-class, white, male aesthetics. We accept ALL submissions that capture the workings of upper-class white aesthetics appropriating pastel-colored clothes. This is not limited to college campuses or the New England area.

Some particularly excellent posts after the jump.

White Boys in Salmon Shorts

The best part, though, is the extensive (and GIF-filled) catalog of commenters upset that the blog has confused Nantucket Red with salmon. THE HORROR.



Check out the whole site here.

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  1. Posted March 28, 2014 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

    I don’t wear “salmon shorts”, but if someone wants to, who frigging cares? This is vaguely racist middle school level humor here, and it’s not even that funny to begin with.

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