Girls soccer team in Colorado wears hijabs in solidarity with Muslim teammate

girls soccer team wearing hijabs

How great is this? At a recent match, referees told Samah Aida, a high school soccer player in Colorado, that she wasn’t allowed to wear her hijab on the field. The refs claimed that it posed a safety risk — not actually true according to soccer’s governing body FIFA, which recently lifted their ban on religious head coverings. 

Aida’s team wasn’t having it though. For their next game, her teammates and coaches also donned headscarves in solidarity and tweeted a group shot: “the refs wouldn’t let Samah play with her hijab so today we all wore one for the game #lovemyteam#letsamahplay.” The refs relented and let them all play — impressing everyone, including the other team, with their show of support.

(h/t Colorlines)

Maya DusenberyThis story warms Maya‘s old, soccer-playing heart.

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