Teen superhero chases down flasher for two miles

Jodie Schofield

Jodie Schofield (Photo credit: Manchester Evening News)

Real-life girl superhero 16-year-old Jodie Schofield was walking home from school in Manchester, England the other day, when a middle-aged creep exposed himself to her. Enraged — particularly by the fact that the flasher was laughing about it – she took off after him.

“I shouted at him and told him to stop but he was just laughing at me the whole time and I didn’t want him to get away with it,” Schofield explained. She chased him for 2 miles — 30 minutes! — before her shouts attracted the attention of some bystanders who helped detain him until the police arrived.

A striking resemblance, no?

Buffy gif

Maya DusenberyMaya is guessing the memory of this 2-miles chase might make this flasher think twice next time.

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