Hang out with Janet Mock!

The Piers Morgan-crushing, New York Times bestselling Janet Mock wants to hang out with you! Today at 3pm ET, Mock will host a Google Hangout reading and conversation on her new book, Redefining Realness, “a love story about revealing your true self, the first memoir from a young trans woman.” You can join up here.

If you can’t make the hangout, you have some options other than crying yourself to sleep tonight. The recording will be available afterward, but you can also check out Mock’s six-part video series on the book (watch the first after the jump). And get excited for our Feministing Five with the writer, coming tomorrow!

Transcript of first video:

Redefining Realness was my chance to tell my own story but it was a chance to create the story that I didn’t have growing up, and that’s been the biggest thing for me.

Redefining Realness is my story of growing up as a trans girl in Honolulu, Hawaii and also in Oakland, California and Dallas, Texas

And coming of age within the context of this family that was struggling, right?

I had parents who loved me dearly but were super ill-equipped

And what does it mean to grow up and discover yourself when you don’t have many resources

And where does that lead you?

These are the questions and the things I hope to shed light on within my book

Through my own story and emotional experience

I hope that it empowers other young girls to know that, first off, that they’re not alone

And that it’s not bizarre, and they’re not the first ones to have been there

That would be the biggest goal for me with Redefining Realness

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