Video: Laverne Cox on the revolutionary act of loving trans women

Laverne Cox speaking at Creating Change

The 2014 National Conference for LGBT Equality: Creating Change took place in Houston this past weekend. Thursday night, Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox rocked the house with an opening keynote.

It’s beautiful to hear the crowd shouting and cheering as Cox talks about loving trans women as a revolutionary act, about the struggles of living in a world where trans women often don’t experience love and are instead marginalized and dehumanized, and about the incredible power of love in a case like CeCe McDonald’s, where a strong support network and CeCe’s leadership helped her survive through prison. Cox shouts out other amazing trans women like Janet Mock, Toni D’Orsay, and Monica Roberts, and even makes some calls for funding for trans organizations that need support, modeling the power of sisterhood.

Check out video of Laverne Cox’s full speech from Creating Change after the jump:

(Update: Here’s a transcript of the video thanks to commenter Tara.)


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    Correction: While Laverne Cox focused many of her remarks on trans women, Laverne Cox said that loving trans people was a revolutionary act (not trans women). This sends a different message and her words should not be misquoted.

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