Please step your bigot game up!

"Vintage racism" text over image of white woman sitting on black woman "chair"

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Seriously, it’s 2014 and we’ve already been hit with a bunch of racist fuckery. And it’s not even good. 

To my douchey frat guys, hosting race-themed parties and stereotyping black people is so last decade! You can do better. Why didn’t you just graduate with a 1.9 GPA and no student loans, still snag a better job than a black person from your school with a 3.6 GPA and $60,000 of debt, become a little successful, and then become a success story for your fraternity and school? Now THAT’S how you make a joke at the expense of people of color!

Madonna, the alleged queen of pop. You’ve been around the block enough to know the “n word” is not for you! It’s the oldest trick in the book. But you tried it anyway. Boring! Shake things up a little bit this year. Call yourself a feminist and embrace the collective, affirmative nod you receive from the mainstream movement. Allow yourself to be uplifted as a feminist icon and heralded as the change all women need to see. Don’t listen to Beyoncé, no one is going to question your wardrobe, your parenting, or your sexuality. Maybe you could even twerk a time or two if you really want to seal the deal.

And to dear Dasha Zukhova, sitting your white rich ass on a chair made in the image of a scantily clad black woman? Come on, that’s textbook dehumanization and objectification. Go deeper! Instead create a “Black Issue” of your magazine that includes no models at all, only mannequins and other pieces of (ugly) human furniture. Be sure to throw in some white mannequins as well–you don’t want to scare your readers away. The subtlety of having this special issue be completely void of humanity will certainly offend people of color but your vision will be heralded as groundbreaking!

You should all be ashamed of yourselves for these 100 level bigot antics. It’s a new year and you can all do better! *rolls eyes”

Avatar Image Sesali is looking forward to bigotry that, if nothing else, requires some critical thinking.

Feministing's resident "sexpert", Sesali is a published writer and professional shit talker. She is a queer Black girl, fat girl, and trainer. She was the former Training Director at the United States Student Association and later a member of the Youth Organizing team at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She received her bachelors in Women's and Gender Studies from Depaul University in 2012 and is currently pursuing a master's in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta. A self identified "trap" feminist, and trained with a reproductive justice background, her interests include the intersections of feminism and: pop culture, youth culture, social media, hip hop, girlhood, sexuality, race, gender, and Beyonce. Sesali joined the team in 2010 as one of the winners of our So You Think You Can Blog contest.

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