Why is Florida State Attorney Angela Corey trying to put Marissa Alexander back in jail?

angela coreySigh.  Marissa Alexander was finally released after years in prison, but State’s Attorney Angela Corey just moved to revoke her bond on the grounds that she left her home in violation of the terms of her release to go shopping with friends and family.  Alexander’s attorney maintains that she had the permission of the supervising corrections officer, but Corey, who seems to have it out for Alexander, is going ahead with the motion.

Via NewsOne:

Alexander has been out on bail since Nov. 27, after a state appeals court overturned her conviction and 20-year sentence for firing what the defense called a warning shot at her estranged husband, Rico Gray, Sr. The appeals court decided the judge instructed the jury improperly. Alexander had been unsuccessful at invoking Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law as a defense.

As reported by NewsOne, Alexander has been granted a new trial and was scheduled to have a new bond hearing on Jan. 15. Alexander was allowed to remain free in the interim as long as she agreed to special conditions, including home detention.

On Monday Corey moved to revoke her bond on the grounds Alexander violated those conditions by leaving her home to go shopping and driving family members to various places. Alexander’s lawyer filed a response maintaining she had the permission of supervising corrections officer April Wilson to leave her house on all of those occasions. Corey says that is not enough; she needed court permission.

Alexander was finally able to see her baby after being in prison for years and Corey is upset that she went shopping under the impression she had permission?  Why not give Alexander the benefit of the doubt at this point in this long and completely infuriating case where survivor of domestic violence is sentenced to 20 years in prison for defending herself?


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