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By Maya and Katie

photo via The Innocence Project

photo via The Innocence Project

Innocent man charged with murder is exonerated and released from jail… 10 years later. (NB: death penalty defenders.)

Washington DC Council raises minimum wage!

Today is the 62nd anniversary of the We Charge Genocide: The Crime of Government Against the Negro People petition to the UN.

The rise of the lady adjuncts.

A belated felicidades to Michelle Bachelet on her victory in Chile’s presidential elections. For the second time, the woman who, along with her family, was tortured under Pinochet, will lead her country as president.

Pope Frances celebrates his birthday with homeless people and gets named Person of the year by Gay magazine The Advocate. Quite the birthday present.

“Our investment in whether Beyoncé gets to be a feminist or not is deeply personal and emotional.”

Beyonce breaks from the shell of respectability.

Defending Beyonce, black feminists, white feminists, and the line in the sand.

Black Women and the Body Police. 

On “dick culture,” your friends, and rapists.

The damage the Helms Amendment does and what President Obama can do to change it.

Happy birthday Chelsea Manning.

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