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Queen Bey has spoken.

This holiday season, help Just Detention International remind sexual assault survivors that they’re not alone.

There have been 26 school shootings — yes, 26, — since Sandy Hook.

A tenured professor in Colorado was forced to retire after giving a lecture on prostitution.

Beyond Eve Ensler: What should organizing against gender violence look like?

Michigan is the latest in a long line of states fucking up reproductive justice.  Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer had some strong words on the matter.

Do yourself the favor and read Ann Friedman’s Gif Guide to Getting Paid –an absolute must read for anyone who faces salary negotiations.

Can we stop with all the overanalyzing of Michelle Obama, please?

“Anorexia.. it’s an addiction, though the only one I can think of where a person is dependent on the absence of something.

A day in LGBT America.

“It would seem today’s young women are set for the post-feminist professional paradise dreamed up by our foremothers.”

Pope Francis is having an impact on the Catholic Church — see his 2013 year in review.

The Western Gaze: on photography in the two-thirds world.

“When sex workers protest their victimhood and demand full inclusion in society, we need to start listening.”

Toni Morrison and Junot Diaz chit chat about race and writing and it was phenomenal.

Ugh, sad day.  Badass organization, Queers for Economic Justice, is closing its doors.

Making microaggresssions visual: a must-see art project.

Why don’t American’s care about income inequality?

This 5-part investigative story on homelessness as a child is hard to read, but absolutely necessary.

Indian mascots do not honor indigenous people.

On “post-racial” society: “As a culture, black Americans have not been static.

“Immigration reform simply seems to be a band aid for the mass displacement my family has suffered.”

What role does NBC Universal play in Russia’s human-rights violations?

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?

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  1. Posted December 18, 2013 at 12:34 pm | Permalink

    I think your link regarding Professor Patti Adler is a bit misleading… As of right now, her being forced to retire is a rumor started by students. There’s no way a tenured professor would be ousted like that without any due process. Also, she is not being investigated just for lecturing on prostitution… A female TA complained about feeling forced to participate in a skit where she would be required to play the part of a prostitute. While I think Feministing should be covering this situation, the headline you provided is completely misinformed. This is a sexual harassment investigation and I think for the privacy and respect of the student who lodged the complaint, we should wait before making such quick judgements about the situation. There is still a lot of information that has not been released to the student body and most of the headlines I have seen are a result of rumor. Maybe the University is in the wrong here, but I am going to wait until I have the facts to make that judgement.

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