Pie chart: Why do we read Feministing?

Why do we read Feminsiting?

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    I am really confused about the reasons for reading Feministing, probably because I am a guy. My family were feminists even before the term was coined.

    My mother broke all barriers by getting a full college scholarship, becoming a physician and raising her family. This might not seem unusual except for the fact that this was in India during the 1950′s, not exactly a time ripe for feminism in India or in the USA.

    My paternal (sorry for using that term) grandmother never passed high school however she managed to take care of a village of about 20 people in conditions that were slightly better than horrifying. The village owner died and she took over the village duties by default. This was a very big deal indeed. This was back in the 1930′s when feminism was really not a term of thought.

    My maternal (again sorry for using that term) grandmother fought for India’s independence and got jailed and beat up by the British on a regular basis. This was also back in the 1940′s when feminism was not a term of endearment.

    My wife is in the first month of starting her own business. You might not think that ‘s a very big deal. In India women of her sort don’t soil their hands being shopkeepers. That’s for other folks.

    As far I recall none of them ever gave anyone the finger, got riled up, ever needed to consider themselves smart or pretty. They lived in a patriarchal society and managed to improve their lot in life by a significant margin and passed these virtues on to their children.

    Yet here is a blog about feminism that seems to work overtime trivializing itself by considering itself “smart and pretty”, giving people the finger, thinking that being a bad bitch is a virtue. The mind boggles at the pointlessness of it all.

    Geez, tell women how to buy/run a business, deal with their finances, shoot a gun something that gives women real and lasting power seems to be unworthy of your efforts. Geez, people grow up and do something meaningful instead mouthing insipid platitudes.

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