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By Juliana and Katie

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A state rep in Hawaii is literally going around smashing the belongings of homeless people, because he’s sick of them.

The San Antonio 4 are free! Turns out these four lesbian women weren’t involved in a lesbian-satanic-child-molesting cult after all. 

Transmisogyny in a sitcom: must be a day of the week 

Zerlina on Renisha McBride 

first ever UN index ranks countries based on their policies around gender and the environment.

Absolutely tragic and possibly preventable: man who stabbed his father and then killed himself on Tuesday, had been released from a psych ward on Monday because there weren’t enough beds.  

Harry Reid becomes the latest Senator to stand support the Military Justice Improvement Act. Dear other democrats who have not signed on to fight the military’s rampant rape epidemic: 9 Republicans including Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are backing this! Do you really want to be less progressive than those?

This article is everything I’ve been thinking for the past month: “How to Be a Good Ally to Fat People Who Appear to Have Lost Weight”

Andy Lopez, the 13 year-old Latino boy killed in Sonoma, California is still being investigated.

Help a young student accomplish her dream of studying Afro-Brazilian women’s movement in Bahia, Brazil.

Last week, 22 immigrants rights activists were arrested in New Orleans.

Read about an unsung hero, Mama Tingó, a black woman with the ovaries to fight for agrarian reform in the Dominican Republic.


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Juliana is a writer, a speaker, and a consultant. Her blogging work focuses on feminist and racial justice movements lead by Latinas throughout the Americas, touching on issues such as environmental justice, immigration, colonization, land rights and indigenous movements. She has been a regular Contributor to Feministing since Spring of 2013, and also been published on the Huffington Post, Mic, and the Feminist Wire. Juliana studied Latin American and Latinx Studies at the University of California and is now based in the Bay Area where she has worked with various organizations on social media and communications strategy. In her free time, she likes to dance salsa and tango and practice Portuguese with her cousins via Skype.

Juliana is a Latina feminist writer and digital communications specialist living in California.

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