Wagatwe is working late writing about feminism while Patricia urges her to come out

Interview with a creator of my new favorite thing on Facebook: #FeministBitStrips

Wagatwe is working late writing about feminism while Patricia urges her to come out

Who said feminists have no humor? While some have lamented the takeover of Bitstrips on their Facebook newsfeeds, I found myself literally laughing out loud to a series of Bitstrip comics with a feminist twist my friend was posting. I asked one of the co-creators, Everyday Feminism contributor and blogger at Womanisms Patricia Valoy, about #FeministBitStrips:


Paige dispenses justice: no slut-shaming in her courtroom. Rape is not caused by miniskirtsWagatwe: What inspired you to start #FeministBitStrips?

Patricia Valoy: It really was just my feminist mind spilling over everything I do. My fiance made me the avatar and created a few silly comics about our relationship. Then he asked that I try it too because it was so much fun, so I did…and not surprisingly I felt like they could all be edited to become lessons in feminism, so I did!

Patricia: I made one with a fellow Everyday Feminism blogger, Paige Lucas-Stannard, and she loved it so much she thought it needed the hashtag #FeministBitstrips.

She is the brains behind the hashtag, I am the brains behind the comics.

Patricia slut-shames Paige at the watercooler

The original that started #FeministBitstrips

Takeallah dispenses justice for Trayvon, Renisha, and MarissaThe first comic that made my feminist brain start flaring up was the one where an avatar wearing only a bra is at the water cooler and there’s a coworker looking disapprovingly. Immediately I thought “this is slut-shaming!” So I called it out, but in a hilarious way.

Patricia: I want them to be fun lessons. I think illustrations are a great way to show feminist thoughts without the seriousness in which these issues are often spoken of.

Wagatwe: So what’s your vision for #FeministBitstrips?

Patricia tells Melissa twerking is cultural appropriationI think feminism is fun and life-changing, my activism doesn’t have to be serious all the time. 

I’m hoping feminists create more and share it on our page. Perhaps one day they will all be in a book! (That’s me thinking way ahead.)



Wagatwe was once deemed an “exceptionally articulate African-American student” by an Obama administration member.

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