SNL has never had a Latina cast member


Image via Latino Rebels

If Saturday Night Live‘s track record with Black women wasn’t bad enough, guess how many many Latin@s have been featured on SNL? One.

According to the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, Horatio Sanz is the only publicly recognized Latino cast member that the show has seen. In their letter to Lorne Michaels, NHFA notes that though there have been other actors and actresses who were ethnically Latin@ on the show, Sanz was the only one of them to play Latin@ characters as well (you heard that right SNL, dressing non-Latin@ characters up as Latin@ doesn’t fill your diversity quota).

What this all means: there has not been one single Latina cast member on SNL. Not a one.

NHFA is requesting a meeting with Lorne Michaels to hash this one out. Man I wish I could be a fly on that wall.

Letter-to-Mr.-Lorne-Michaels-1image via Latino Rebels.



Juliana Britto Schwartz probably dresses up like Frida Kahlo a little too often.

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