Video: How to not be a “racist piece of s***” on Halloween

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While some terrible people are opting for Trayvon Martin Halloween costumes, people who are not soul-less assholes may want to consider these funny political costumes and laugh at these movie remakes.

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Hello boys and ghouls! And welcome back to Channel 98 Take Action News with Nicole Carty, where every week we bring you what you need to be informed and get involved.

And Because it’s Halloween…


We’re tired of horror movies from the major studios that don’t talk about the things we’re really scared about. We’re all both political nerds and movie nerds – so we have some alternate suggestions for the big studios this year:

The Texas Reproductive Rights Massacre!!

An American Expatriate In Moscow!

I Know What You Did Last Sequester!

28 Shutdown Days Later!

When A Stranger Calls Out Your Privilege!

The Nightmare Before Chris Christie

It Came From The Economics Department!

Nosfera-two-party system doesn’t work!

NIghtmare on Wall Street

Halloween is right around the corner. Have you decided on your costume yet?

Seems like a bunch of folks are planning to dress up as assholes. [racist costumes of people appropriating culture/ in blackface quickly scroll by] but instead of going trick or treating as a racist piece of shit why not go as a the ultimate gangster?

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase the OB (image of Jamie with Original Bankster – Pinstripe Suit Maffioso Don)

Nobody “Tricks and Treats” like Jamie the Bankster.

Nicole with Jamie mask : Either treat me to loose regulations while a gamble away your life savings on the next bubble <pause> Or the trick’s on you and I will burn this economy to the ground and put a gun to your head for my next bailout. (close up)

So fun right?! And timely. Cause Jamie Dimon is tricking the American people as – we – speak. Learn all about it here [link to].

If you do decide to go as a Jamie the Bankster make sure to send us pics [email pops up:]

When A President Calls

[clip from When A Stranger Calls]

So you know how the NSA has been spying on everyone? Well they’re still at it. This past week it was revealed that the NSA was spying not just on regular folks world over, but also 35 world leaders.

In fact so far 21 nations have come together to reign in the power of the NSA which means…

The next G 20: Prett-ty awkward…

If you also want to take action against for priacy rights you can still check out the coalition’s new vid here to find out.


So the Koch Brothers. Evil billionaires who have been ruining our planet and democracy for decades? You’re familiar, correct?

 Well their lesser known brother isn’t a charmer either.

While David and Charles are poised to make 100 million off of the Keystone XL pipeline [a tar sands transporting, environmental disaster in the making] [See link in descriptions] Their less notorious brother William I. Koch but has been involved in a vicious 12-year-long battle against a wind farm – or as he calls it “visual pollution”

I mean why provide relatively clean energy from the endlessly renewable wind when you could build infrastructure almost certain spill bitumen from Alberta to Mexico and poison generations into the future? (seeking approval) amiright? Amiright?

The Koch Legacy to be Against “Visual Pollution” For Real Pollution and they have the political power of 250 Americans

And that’s terrifying…

Thats our show folks, thanks for watching our extra spooky Take Action News.


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