Video: Police violence targets the transgender community

Xion Lopez at a protest on Nov 17, 2011 in Washington DC. (Bill O'Leary/Washington Post)

Check out this great news report about how members of the trans community experience violence at the hands of the police (the video does show violence):

(The video is closed-captioned). 

While the initial frame of the video and the opening interview from Dean Spade talk about violence targeted at the trans community in general, the rest of the interviews speak more specifically to how this plays out. Black and brown trans and gender non-conforming folks are targeted by police harassment and incarceration at the highest rates. Class and education are also major factors according to the National Trans Discrimination Survey, maybe because poor and working class communities of color are consistently targeted by the police. Trans women of color are also more likely to be incarcerated for longer periods of time and more likely to experience violence in prison.

The global epidemic of violence against trans women of color is backed up by state violence carried out by the police. Ending violence aimed a trans folks has to include ending violence at the hands of the police.


Jos Truitt Jos Truitt believes in a world without state violence.

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