Weekly Feminist Reader

Ann’s gender-reversed parody: A response to Emily Yoffe.

Breast cancer stigmas in Uganda.

“When does an Academic become a Whore?”

Spike Jonze and Her: Who are we writing out of the future?

Apparently, women aren’t equal when it comes to corporate crime.

Oh that’s me. That’s us, that’s us, that’s me, thank God, that’s us.”

Ladies who <3 porn.

Is Anonymous good for Maryville?

Domestic violence in communities of color.

Are we fabulous yet? The tyranny of queer beauty.

Women in (silent) film.

Why haters hate on “impassioned women.”

Halloween, cultural appropriation and major costume fails.

Allies, “it’s time to take off the identity label and start doing the work.

Evolution as a toolkit for improving how we live together.

Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?

I will dance (and dream, and rise).

On the desire to end “self-care.”

How a multicultural America is changing the way we eat.

The Tea Party: a psychological, sociological, and religious phenomenon.

The importance of Janet Yellen’s role in the Fed.

“This man is truly out of touch with reality.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor on 12 Year’s a Slave.

Whiteness, heterosexism and the murder of Lawrence King.

“These portraits dance across the entire spectrum of the human condition.”

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?

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    Well, Daisy Coleman (the girl from Maryville) spoke out in xojane, and the first sentence thanks Anonymous for raising awareness of her story.


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