New Favorite Tumblr: People of Color in European Art History



You know how there were no people of color in Europe until the Enlightenment? Well, yea, that just isn’t true.

People of Color in European Art History works to combat the erasure of POC from European history through a well-curated collection of images and accompanying commentary. Historical whitewashing matters. The creator writes:

The ubiquity in modern media to display a fictitiously all-white Europe is often thoughtlessly and inaccurately justified by claims of “historical accuracy”; this blog is here to emphasize the modern racism that retroactively erases gigantic swaths of truth and beauty.

A tertiary effect of showcasing these works is to provide a vehicle for correcting assumptions that works of fantasy based in “re-imagined” worlds of Medieval or Renaissance Europe that omit the contributions and presence of People of Color are made with “historical accuracy” in mind. In fact, the opposite is often the case.

Modern media does not exist in a vacuum.

Check out the full blog here.

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