Do you Know Your IX? Do you fancy a little activism this weekend?

If you’re in high school or college, you need to Know Your IX. You need to know how Title IX protects you, your friends, your classmates, your teammates, and everyone else on your campus from sex-based discrimination. And if you feel like a doing a little activism, a little awareness raising, on your campus this weekend, Know Your IX has got you covered: all you have to do it print this poster, grab some tape or a stapler, and get to work.


You can print the poster and learn about other ways to spread the word here. If you don’t know your rights, you can’t defend them. So Know Your IX. Bonus round: email me a photo of the Know Your IX poster on your campus, and we’ll give you or your campus activism group a shoutout on the Feministing Twitter feed (

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    I feel it’s important to note that while Know Your IX is doing amazing, excellent work, students and parents should also know that Title IX does not only apply to colleges and universities. It applies in grade school, middle school and high school, too.
    Younger Students and parents, please know that all public education is subject to Title IX and people of all ages are entitled to an education free of sexual harassment or discrimination.

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