Naomi Campbell checks interviewer while advocating for more models of color

Naomi Campbell has become notoriously known for her episodes of violence. Specifically, she has been charged with assault 3 different times for hitting or throwing her phone (obviously this was before cell phone market values were $600) at assistants and her housekeeper. It’s safe to say that sometimes she doesn’t handle her anger well. However, that does not equate to her being an “angry” person as an interviewer suggested to her a couple of weeks ago.

The interview was a one-on-one with Campbell about a new campaign she launched with Bethann Hardison and black supermodel Iman to bring more models of color to the catwalk. But the interview took a turn when the interviewer wanted to talk about Campbell’s reputation as an “angry person” and how the campaign was  a good use of such anger. Check the video below.

(I haven’t found a transcript of this video. If anyone’s able to post one in the comment’s it would be hugely appreciated.)

She quickly reminded him that this wasn’t an opportunity to talk about her own life but those of other models of color. I found the interviewer’s framing of Campbell’s campaign as a “good use” of her anger to be extremely condescending and dangerously toeing the line of the “angry black woman” sterotype. It also trivializes the very real issue that is lack of diversity within the high fashion industry. I appreciate Naomi for setting him straight!

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