Headline of the day: Fox News on Syria

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.46.30 AMSpeaking of Syria, the following screen shot of a google news search for the term “Syria” shows how different media present the news about a potential diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis. As you  see, CNN and CBS emphasize the fact that Syria has said it will hand over its chemical weapons; NBC stresses the “peaceful” nature of the development and The New York Times refers to the diplomatic nature of the deal. Fox News, for its part, acts as if nothing new has happened. It basically says, what is wrong with you people! How can you oppose a strike on Syria when there are chemical weapons there? Thanks for the informative and enlightening perspective, as always, Fox.

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    I accidently flipped to this station last night (I thought I’d blocked it) and got to hear some of the wonderful commentary they offered. Apparently, some at FOX are convinced that there is a conspiracy in the works with Syria. They think that the whole thing played out too fast and too well for Obama, so it obviously had to be planned. Never mind that the “plot” is actually getting Syria to turn over chemical weapons – it’s all about image and this is obviously a planned political stunt. You could teach a whole course on fallacy with a single Fox broadcast.

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