Weekly Feminist Reader

Hardly excited about the return of Leslie Knope.

“It was a dirty secret that wasn’t discussed.”

Cultural appropriation’s “greatest” hits.

On the racial empathy gap.

The Brewstar-Douglass Projects are coming down.

No pill. No prob?

The value of suffering.

77% of unpaid interns are women.

Girls and the power of the online petition.

The latest flash point in the abortion wars.

A beginner’s guide to the conflict in Syria.

An autobiography of gentrification.

Respectability politics in the workplace.

Can we get a “hell-yeah” for inclusive sex-ed comics?

Diana Nyad is a BAMF.

Stay-at-home-Dad overhype.

“I’m a young woman, and I ain’t done runnin’ around.

Queers for Quinn?

What this video really got wrong.

Aminata Touré – a feminist activist and Senegal’s new Prime Minister.

The art of not belonging.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week? 

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