Quick Hit: Why the push for immigration reform is stronger than ever

BSojHwCCcAAl_HbImage via @DREAMers_MOMS
Immigration reform isn’t dead, and immigrant women aren’t going down without a fight.

This week is Women’s Equality Week and We Belong Together is organizing women to cast symbolic votes for fair and equitable immigration reform. To participate, take the oath here.

People are tweeting up a storm about what immigration reform means for women over at #WomenBelong. Join the conversation, and read through Monday’s Tweet chat here.

“Women who enter the U.S. as dependents ought to have full worker protections, including being subject to minimum-wage laws and eight-hour workdays; they should have access to help in the face of violence, trafficking and sexual harassment; and they should be guaranteed due process in cases of deportation or whenever families are at risk of being separated.” Read more.

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