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Men don’t have to hate women to benefit from sexism.

Bustle founder Bryan Goldberg apologizes a little.

White is the new white.

Ladies, Cornell Fetch is just trying to help.

Negotiating multiple identities on Buffy.

Mikki Kendall and Flavia Dzodan talked with The Hairpin about #solidarityisforwhitewomen.

Sex, power, and tips.

An open letter to Kal Penn on Stop and Frisk.

The Colorlines community remembers learning about Harriet Tubman.

Cutting the Gordian Knot of sex work.

Twenties is apparently pretty great.

From 1908 to 2013: stories of unlikely desi activists in the U.S.

California now explicitly guarantees trans* students equal access to education (though Title IX already does that).

Gender on the road.

Zerlina talks about Obamacare funding of Planned Parenthood on Fox News.

Nicole Kristal interview at The Beheld.

“Solidarity” is bullshit.

13 lessons about social justice from Harry Potter.

USC’s Student Coalition Against Rape wrote an open letter to freshmen.

Feminist pioneers and white people getting out of the way.

The Unslut Project is kickstarting to fund a documentary!

Paul Frank teams up with Native American artists (including Adrienne from Native Appropriations).

I hate Strong Female Characters.

Woman in tech gets tired of explaining herself, makes slideshow about women in tech.

The phallusy of the hymen. (NSWF)

Recording transition.

Julian Assange is anti-choice and loves Rand Paul. I can only articulate my feelings about this as ughhhhmehhhhhhpshhhh.

Faith and the single mom journey.

She strongly suspects.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?

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Alexandra Brodsky is a senior editor at Feministing.com and soon-to-be civil rights attorney. Alexandra also serves as the Board Chair of Know Your IX, a national student-led movement to end gender violence, which she co-founded and previously co-directed. Alexandra has written for publications including the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and the Nation, and she is the co-editor of The Feminist Utopia Project: 57 Visions of a Wildly Better Future. She has spoken about violence against women and reproductive justice at campuses across the country and on MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, ESPN, and NPR.

Alexandra Brodsky is a senior editor at Feministing.com and soon-to-be civil rights attorney.

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