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I’m sure it comes as no surprise to hear that the Feministing crew is grossed out by Bustle.com, its founder Bryan Goldberg, and the fact that he pulled $6.5┬ámillion for this bullshit. Also, if any venture capitalists want to give us $6.5 million, my email is jos AT feministing DOT com. Cause we already figured out how to do the feminist blog thing on almost no money, and feminist blogs are way more than just a “website for women.” Imagine what we could do with that kind of cash.

Kiese Laymon on race and writing.

Andrea Smith on the problem with “privilege.”

On efforts to overturn the Peace Corps abortion ban.

The American Bar Association unanimously passed a resolution calling for legislation to curtail the use of the “trans panic” and “gay panic” defenses, which are used in cases, like that of Angie Zapata’s murderer Allen Andrede, to argue that the murderer was scared into committing a hate crime by the horror of gayness or transness. Now if someone could get bigoted activist judges in line that’d be great.

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