Weekly Feminist Reader

Check out Dean Spade’s trans* politics manifesto.

Since when does VICE produce good reporting on sexual violence?

Minors with disabilities held in solidarity confinement in San Francisco juvenile hall.

Little Libertarians on the prairie.

More research on encouraging girls to pursue STEM.

The Pentagon’s new plan to combat military sexual assault doesn’t do enough.

Your computer is sexist.

Decades too late, Henrietta Lacks’ family is asked for consent.

“Why teach kids not to rape when you could teach them not to get caught?”

Newsflash, Hollywood: suicide isn’t quirky-cute-fun.

Unpaid interns are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment.

Texts from the yellow wallpaper.

Drag in the military sparks world’s least surprising controversy.

Of course dystopian YA novels are popular.

Go read Emi Koyama’s Twitter timeline from the last few days for info on how she was censored by white male “allies” at Forging Justice.

A childhood introduction to racism.

The Miami police killed Reefa, a celebrated teen graffiti artist.

Zimmerman and Drones.

Sexual harassment in comic book form.

Mini-doc: “Where Am I Going?”

The feminist history of school lunches.

Internet trolls = witch hunters?

Oprah received an apology for racist treatment in Switzerland.

The most recent episode of Belabored touches on domestic workers’ rights and the March on Washington’s upcoming anniversary.

Free article on dolls from Girlhood Studies!

Freshmen, meet your “relationship goals” with one simple step: Just stop getting raped!

Stone Cold Jane Austen.

FCC orders lower prison phone rates.

New abortion limits, but more money for women’s health, in Texas.

Wonkette pens a letter to Weiner.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?

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