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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

TweetRick Perry’s greatest hits. I’d call this week his greatest miss. A gut wrenching six-word story from The Race Card Project: “Black babies cost less to adopt.” What white people don’t know about Rachel Jeantel. The amazing Ann Friedman on Wendy Davis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. President Obama visits Nelson Mandela, and stands with FLOTUS [...]
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Provision to Ohio budget could tighten abortion restrictions

TweetIt only took a day to blow my Wendy Davis high. Attacks on women’s access to abortion are happening in Ohio. In the process of passing a state budget, Ohio Republicans added a provision at the last minute that would require the following: “…a doctor to use external medical means – likely an abdominal ultrasound [...]
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Quick hit: #ChangeBrazil: Who was never sleeping, who just woke up, and why

Tweet I’m over on my blog today talking about the movement that is taking place in Brazil and its implications for Brazil’s marginalized communities. This movement was started by people who have been historically denied access to public space, including people of color, the poor, members of the LGBTQ community and women. But now, for [...]
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“The louder they scream, the more we know that we are getting something done”

TweetThat’s what Texas Governor Rick Perry said today, of the reproductive rights advocates who prevented Texas’ omnibus anti-choice bill from passing this week. And here is what I have to say to that super rapey, undemocratic, and entirely tone deaf view of the situation: Also, this: And, in conclusion, Tweet
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Rick Perry declares second special session to pass “pro-life” bill on same day as 500th execution

TweetOne would think that the irony of such an action would be too much. But nope! Yesterday, the state of Texas executed Kimberly McCarthy, the state’s 500th execution since the death penalty was re-enacted in 1982: Her death marks a grim milestone in a state that kills more people than any other in the country. Texas [...]
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