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Feminist Texans are rising up and it’s amazing. A Senate filibuster is currently underway against an anti-choice bill that would close almost all abortion clinics in the state. Livestream video is above via the Texas Tribune, and you can follow #TXlege and #SB5 on the Twitters for updates.

The Supreme Court has made life easier for workplace harassers and harder for folks claiming harassment.

A cis Black woman was told she had to undergo a vaginal exam because the gender marker on her ID was wrong. Cis Black women are often targeted by having their gender questioned, and this is an example of how cissexism impacts a broader group than just trans folks.

Bree Wallace was attacked in Washington, DC, the latest woman to be targeted in the epidemic of violence against trans women of color.

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  1. Posted June 27, 2013 at 2:17 am | Permalink

    I believe it is part of the job of elected officials to debate and vote for new laws. Voting after midnight would most certainly be cheating.

    As for filibustering, those who support choice (I support abortion on demand, and believe it should be the law nationwide regardless of anyone’s religious or moral beliefs, including “it’s my body”; any debate should be on a scientific basis) applaud the protesters and Sen. Davis last night for delaying the vote about 11 hours, allowing the deadline to pass; when an immediate vote would have allowed the anti choice measure to become law. I am glad the measure did not pass.

    Will those who support choice be as supportive of procedure if and when conservatives try to filibuster a measure which feminists and a majority of lawmakers support, and it does not pass due to the delaying measures alone?

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