New Favorite Tumblr: Make Me a Sandwich Bitch

Go Team Public Accountability! A new Tumblr, Make Me a Sandwich Bitch, is collecting some Twitter gems from dudes who want you to fulfill your womanly duty and put some food between two pieces of bread. Bitch.

I have mixed feelings about the juxtaposition of sandwich tweets with evidence of the authors’ lackluster social lives (e.g. “watchin American Dad i seen this episode like 6 times lol” or “#MyLifeIn5Words single single single single single”)–the effect is funny, if perhaps politically unhelpful–but I wholeheartedly support calling out casual online misogynists.

I don’t really understand the idea that sexism on the internet is somehow less worrisome than offline bigotry. At some point it was agreed that feminists should keep their hands clean and ignore the daily barrage of insults, harassment, and rape/slut/sandwich “jokes” hurled through cyberspace. We’re supposed to pretend virtual hatred is apolitical. But, as Jessica said last week, fuck the high road. Jerks on Twitter are no less destructive or worthy of criticism than jerks on the street–and we have no less a duty to combat online misogyny than the IRL manifestation of the same patriarchy.

Sexist tweets

More Tweets after the jump. Check out the tumblr for further delights.

Sexist tweets
Sexist tweets
Sexist tweets

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Alexandra Brodsky was a senior editor at

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