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Joss Whedon wants more superheroine movies. Seconded!

Sexual abuse is rampant in juvenile detention centers–and it’s mostly committed by staff.

The Anonymous hacker involved in exposing the Steubenville case may spend more time behind bars than the rapists will.

The number of women in farming has risen to 1 million, accounting for 30 percent of U.S. farmers.

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes.

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    About the article “Sexual abuse is rampant in juvenile detention centers–and it’s mostly committed by staff.”

    Normally I’d point out the gender imbalance in the perpetrators, but feministing has gone out of it’s way on many occasions to downplay the gender of perpetrators and I’m going to do the same, but it is important to note that most of the staff misconduct is cross gender. It is important to note that there was a study done in 2010.


    There doesn’t seem to have been any improvement. The numbers concerning staff in adult prisons seems to mirror the same pattern with about 50% of misconduct being by staff and the rapes being mostly cross gender (among staff rapes).

    Many lawsuits were filed on behalf of female inmates which resulted in restrictions on male staff. That probably goes a long way in explaining the gender imbalances we see. I wonder if the lack of progress in three years is tied to the genders of the perpetrators and victims and if they had been reversed, would definitive action have been taken.

    Most MRAs will take the position that we can’t go with generalities. We can’t place prohibitions on staff based solely on gender. You can not assume that a person will offend because the numbers suggest that it is more likely to happen than with a person of the opposite gender. MRAs would say though that if restrictions were placed on one gender concerning cross gender access, then it should be placed on both. Thankfully that’s a position I can take that protects both the victims and the rights of the staff.

    One question I had for the feministing community is what happens when 2 feminist priorities clash? Opportunities for women I’m sure is a feminist priority, but (I’m assuming) that preventing the rape of men and boys is another feminist issue. Would feminists support restrictions on female staff if it limited opportunities or jobs for women?

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