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Good Indian girls, race, and sexuality.

Surprising! Black professionals are under-represented in company leadership.

Some awesome bad advice.

It costs $3,000 a month to be a queer parent in New York State.

Pay it forward to this campaign to create a shelter access guidebook for Trans Women in Quebec.

Some great pushback to the Candies’ Foundation ads that Veronica wrote about last week.

Mychal Smith points out that not every black kid in American dreams of becoming a rapper or baller, some just want the schools to stay open.

SYREETA MCFADDEN is a Brooklyn based writer, photographer and adjunct professor of English. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Religion Dispatches and Storyscape Journal. She is the managing editor of the online literary magazine, Union Station, and a co-curator of Poets in Unexpected Places. You can follow her on Twitter @reetamac.

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  • http://feministing.com/members/fawnapril/ Fawn Livingston-Gray

    “It costs $3,000 a month to be a queer parent in New York State.”

    Minor correction: It costs them $3000 THIS month, not ‘a’ month, which implies it costs them $3000 every month. I think a one-time adoption cost of $3000 is bad enough, but I was familiar with that. $3000 every month would be impossible for a all but the super wealthy.

    Thanks for all your great links and posts!