Where are a bunch of dudes debating your reproductive rights today?

You know that old truism that I just made up: At any given moment, somewhere  in the United States, your reproductive rights are being debated by old white men. And right now, it’s in the House of Representatives, where Rep. Franks and these guys are having hearing to discuss his proposed 20-week abortion ban.

several male Congressman at hearing

 The bill originally would have applied only to DC, but now he’s amended it to expand it to the whole country. One can only hope this waste of Congressional time is because he hasn’t gotten the memo that the courts just officially declared Arizona’s 20-week ban unconstitutional. Some staffer should be fired for dropping the ball on that heads-up.

You can watch here or follow #NoHR1797 on Twitter.

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Maya Dusenbery is an Executive Director in charge of Editorial at Feministing. Maya has previously worked at NARAL Pro-Choice New York and the National Institute for Reproductive Health and was a fellow at Mother Jones magazine. She graduated with a B.A. from Carleton College in 2008. A Minnesota native, she currently lives, writes, edits, and bakes bread in Atlanta, Georgia.

Maya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Editorial.

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