Hong Kong minister: don’t drink if you don’t want to get raped

hongkongLast week, a top general in the U.S. Air Force chocked up the military’s sexual assault epidemic to a “hook up” mentality. This week, Hong Kong’s security minister attributed rape to alcohol, saying that women should avoid drinking too much if they don’t want to get raped. It’s really touching to see how a culture of rape apology can transcend culture and geography.

On Tuesday, Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok was presenting figures on crime in Hong Kong, which showed that rape cases increased b y 60% over the first quarter of the year. “All of these (rape) cases happened between those who know each other. They are either friends, close friends or they just met a few hours ago,” Lai explained. He also stated this gem:

“Some of these cases also involved the victims being raped after drinking quite a lot of alcohol. So I would appeal that young ladies should not drink too much.”

Wednesday, people took to social media to express their understandable outrage. “Hong Kong Secretary for Security advises that ‘young ladies not drink too much’ after rise in rapes. Or, gosh, maybe tell men not to rape?” tweeted Miss O’Kistic, who is based in Hong Kong. Noreen Mir wrote on the wall of SlutWalk Hong Kong group, “Doesn’t matter if the woman has been drinking or dressing ‘provocatively’. Rape and Sexual Violence against Women are never ok!!” 

Women’s rights activists want Lai to retract his remarks and to stop attributing rape to the behavior of its victims. Linda Wong, executive director of Hong Kong’s Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women, said, “The underreporting of rape in Hong Kong is already very high and some of the reason is women feel that people will put all the blame on them…People aren’t being raped because they’re drunk or wear a sexy dress.”Liu Si-si, director of the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centers, stated “The remarks [Lai] made are proof of a culture that blames victims for doing something ‘wrong,’ like drinking.” Lai’s comments were “not the message that the government should be sending out,” she said.

Liu also worried that the attitude expressed by Lai could have a chilling effect on rape victims and discourage them from coming forward: “if he continues to say things like this, I worry women will be less likely to report crimes because they’ll be worried about being blamed.” Rape is already under-reported around the world and in Hong Kong. RainLily, a Hong Kong rape crisis center and NGO, believes that a woman is raped in Hong Kong every eight hours, making the actual number of victims more than 1,000, almost 10 times last year’s reported incidents.


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  1. Posted May 16, 2013 at 8:27 pm | Permalink

    It is sad how society always blame women in regards of rape. When reality the government have to create a larger program to teach men to not rape. To teach everyone to solidarity with the victims and have no tolerance for the rapist. The government have to invest more time in creating stronger laws and legal system who can punish more severely this actions and protect better the victims from their perpetrators. To think that because someone drinks deserve to be raped then I guess when guys get together to watch a football game, or in a poker night, in a fishing trip they end up raping each other. Because I haven’t seen a group of guys watching a football game or playing poker, or in a fishing trip without drinking. Is that an excuse to rape? If showing your skin is the other excuse then I guess the same will apply for guys when they go to the gym after a good workout they will rape each other in the showers….. I guess not! Because nether drinking or exposing your skin is a reason to disrespect someone dignity like that. You as a person have the ability to control how much you drink. Even if you choose to drink until you pass out (wish is not recommended) You still responsible of the actions you do and the decisions you take. If you are not then don’t do it. Just because someone is drunk doesn’t excuse them from their actions. If I drink a lot and I kill someone I will be going to jail regardless….I am a murderer. Alcohol or not the crime does not make you less innocent. If she is drunk make her more vulnerable but it does not make her guilty a drunk person does not carry a sign in the neck saying “HI MY NAME IS I WANT TO BE RAPED” you have to respect people regardless of how they dress, speak, look, etc.

  2. Posted May 17, 2013 at 4:04 am | Permalink

    Even by his own logic, not drinking alcohol would only reduce ‘some’ rapes. What is he suggesting for the others – curfew? Segregation of the sexes?

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