Video: Obama addresses Planned Parenthood

President Obama addressed Planned Parenthood’s national conference today. He reassured them that he stands with them in the fight to keep safe and affordable healthcare accessible.

 “Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere. It’s not going anywhere today. it’s not going anywhere tomorrow.”

Which is a relief because I’m due for my annual! But anyway…

He also shamed anti choice laws that have been aggressively limiting women’s access to abortions in several states across the country.

“In North Dakota, they passed a law that outlaws your right to choose starting as early as six weeks, even if a woman is raped. A woman may not even know she’s pregnant at six weeks. In Mississippi, a ballot initiative was put forward that would not only outlaw your right to choose, but could have had all sorts of other far-reaching consequences, like cutting off your access to fertility treatments and making certain forms of contraception a crime. That’s absurd, and it’s wrong.”

He even made a funny about it:

“When you read about some of these laws you want to check the calendar. You want to make sure you’re still living in 2013″

So witty. We have a president that believes in women making their own decisions about their own health and bodies, including the right to have an abortion. I’m ok with that.

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