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Urge the White House to recognize non-binary genders.

Five-year-old girl names dinosaur… after herself.

Why didn’t Abigail Fisher get into UT?

Support the #NotBuyingIt app!

Stop fat shaming Kim Kardashian.

A response to Chloe’s piece on “bad” bodies and “bad” feminists.

A Horace School alum speaks out about sexual abuse at the school (reported on last year by the New York Times).

On selfies.

Akiba Solomon on the value of echo chambers.

The ethics of public shaming.

The enthusiastic consent standard and sex work: “You can’t make me like it.”

The women profiled in Lisa Miller’s “feminist housewives” piece say they were misquoted.

A really cute engagement story.

But actually… what is vagina murder?

An argument against calling Adam from “Girls” a rapist. (Spoiler: it’s wrong.)

Another take on Beyonce’s new song from CFC. And another, courtesy The Atlantic.

A critique of the term “person of color.”

The global ”war on women.”

The Frisky has a “Sapphires”-inspired girl group playlist.

A breakup letter to Stanford.

Amanda Hess argues that banning porn in the EU will be bad for women.

On fear of a daughter.

Flashback: “Love Hurts.”

He hasn’t “had it all” either.

Nine articles on vaginas.

Elisabeth Moss’s feminist characters.

What have you been reading/writing this week?

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  1. Posted March 24, 2013 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    All Bodies Are Beautiful? — “Sometimes I think of my body as beautiful; a lot of times I do not. And I am okay with both of those. Moreover, whether or not people perceive me as beautiful does not matter in terms of how I fundamentally expect they should treat me. ”

    Admitting — “And yet, despite that not a one of them seemed miffed that I asked them to alter their behavior for me, I felt really awkward and self-conscious in asking this from my students.”

    Also, a fun conversation about backflips and a links/self-promotion post of my own.

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    Why did you link to that Salon article (An argument against calling Adam from “Girls” a rapist. (Spoiler: it’s wrong.))? It is INCREDIBLY dangerous, and I should think you would not want to give it any extra site traffic.

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