Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Friend of the site Tanya Paperny on male privilege in literature.

A Japanese company argues it doesn’t have to abide by New York City’s law that an equal number of bathrooms be provided for male and female employees because they don’t hire many female employees.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still against gay marriage, but *might* be open to banning so-called gay conversation therapy. He might.

If you’re talking about what Adria Richards did and not about the backlash against her, you’re having the wrong conversation.

That 40 Hottest Women in Tech list? The guy who wrote it has conscience, kinda.

For the first time ever, the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus is composed of a majority of women.

And the U.S. Senate has a record number of women, with nine of the 20 female senators leading committees.

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