Midday LOL: Bow Down is not an ode to wifely submission.

Alyssa Rosenberg points out a pretty hilarious and preciously out of context read from Limbaugh of King Bey’s latest single. Limbaugh extols praise on Bow Down as some sort of ode to wifely submission to husbands:

“Let me give you a little history on Beyonce… Beyonce used to be the lead for a 3-girl group..Destiny’s Child and their songs were advice from women not to take any grief from men…She’s done a 180… She got married, she married the rich guy, she now understands — she now understands it’s worth it to bow down.”

Dude, that is NOT what this song is about.

First of all, he’s giving us a history lesson on Bey (LOL). Second of all, he’s completely missed the subversive meaning behind King Bey choosing to call her upcoming world tour, “Mrs. Carter”, and completely ignoring Bey’s elasticity with feminine identities. I guess Limbaugh believes he’s found in Beyonce an argument to undermine feminism by taking very simple reads of her discography and personas. But as Sesali’ pointed out yesterday, Bey should be allowed some complexity. I don’t know if Beyonce would call herself a feminist. She is arguably informed by feminism, and her public persona and career decisions engage in paradoxes of feminine identity. And honestly, I don’t care if Bey self identifies as a feminist. Limbaugh and his ilk mean to imply that the King of Pop now believes that she’s subservient to men.


It’s actually a compelling example of how Limbaugh talks out his ass on the regular, gleaned meaning from a title without doing any listening (15 -29 seconds more as a matter of fact) or perhaps, read lyrics to support his claim. I mean, if he’s lying about the meaning of this song, WHAT ELSE COULD HE BE LYING ABOUT??

Have a seat sir.

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