It’ll take more than Bobby Jindal to fix this

Despite Republicans’ long standing campaign of boning up relationships in the Asian community–it turns out, Asians as a voting bloc lean to the left. This is significant for many reasons and brings up a lot of questions, like why? Well, the reasons are probably varied and nuanced, but what we can say is this–it is statistically significant and the right can’t ignore it (or use us as pawns in their PR campaigns about faux-versity).

Jamelle Bouie points out at the American Prospect–Asians are left out of the conversation on immigration, yet immigrate at a higher rate than Latinos. And he made a chart showing the shift in support towards Obama.

It’s hard to figure out exactly what the reasons are for this 11% shift, but important issues in the bloc mirror ones in the broader electorate (jobs, healthcare, education, etc.) with the exception of high interest in “immigration/civil rights.” So, I’m just going to go ahead and assert that the racism Obama experienced around his “birth certificate” probably didn’t help the Republican cause with immigrants, Asian or otherwise.


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