Republicans attack Ashley Judd before she announces she’s running for Senate

Via Walter’s Wildcat World

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is polling at 47% in Kentucky. Under 50% is the danger zone for incumbents. So it’s no surprise that American Crossroads SuperPac run by Karl Rove is attacking actress Ashley Judd, before she even makes a final decision about running for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky. The $10,000 ad buy will run for 2 weeks in the state.

The ad paints Ashley as a Hollywood elite and a blind Obama disciple. The problem is that these two things couldn’t be farther from the truth. When I was at the Democratic Convention this summer, I met Ashley Judd….at Target. She was shopping like a regular person.

See Ashley Judd is not a liberal Hollywood elite. She’s definitely liberal and an awesome reproductive and human rights activist. She’s feminist. She’s smart, with a masters degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. And she’s no nonsense.

But she’s also down to earth, a huge Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan, and from a family, that while famous, is pretty traditional.

No wonder they are scared. Check out the ad below.  Transcript is after the jump.

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    You’ve got me scratching my head here!

    I had to google her name; I am none too familiar with Hollywood actresses, I must admit.

    I found her Wikipedia entry.

    “See Ashley Judd is not a liberal Hollywood elite.”

    Err, I beg your pardon? She seems pretty liberal to me: global ambassador for YouthAIDS, an advocate for preventing poverty, has been involved with [...] the Women for Women International, and Equality Now, [...] other non-governmental organizations which center around bringing attention to social, educational, health, economic, cultural, and financial funding of the unfortunate. [...] supported Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

    As for being of the elite, I can’t really comment. But she seems to be very near the top of the Hollywood pyramid.

    So if he isn’t liberal, and isn’t elite, what is she?

    I fail to see your point. Either she is or she isn’t. If she is, then why claim otherwise?

    Is supporting Eracism Foundation something to be ashamed of? Is being successfull in Hollywood something to hide? (Difficult to hide it, I guess!)

    PS Shopping at Target is sufficient to gain the label ‘normal person’?