Quick Hit: Racist tweeps demand White History Month

Today is the first day of February. That means the start of Black History Month… and an occasion for predictable but still infuriating racism.

Running Chicken has compiled some of the many, many tweets out there today insisting that the ever-oppressed white majority must be honored as well. A common trend is the preemptively defensive insistence that their tweets aren’t racist. Any statement to the effect of “I’m not a bigot, but…” is generally good evidence that you are.

White History Month tweet

You can find the post here.

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    *face palm*

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    I actually partially agree with one of these tweets. Not the white history month, but the question of history months for people of other non-white races. So much of the discourse on race is focused on black and white in America and that’s an important issue and given the country’s history it makes sense that it takes up so much of the energy, but I do think it’s important we expand that out too. I also think it’d be a good thing to maybe have months with an emphasis on the histories of nations throughout the world because much of the American school system focuses on the white history of America only and I don’t think kids know enough about the rest of the world. May not be enough months in the year, though.

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    First, a quick note of thanks to everyone who read my post about these ridiculous tweets and thanks to Alexandra for linking to it here. Second, if you happen to have an interest in the topic, I’ve just written a response to all of the comments I’ve received over the past few days as a result of the initial blog post that contained those tweets. You can find my response to those comments here: http://kohenari.net/post/42287383511/white-history-month2

    One part of my response is directed to the hundreds of people like Natasha, above, who thought that one tweet wasn’t so bad because its author called for other history months (in addition to white history month). The other part of my response is a (relatively strong) defense of the whole notion of Black History Month, especially against the many hundreds of people who think that it somehow amounts of racism or reverse racism because it sets people apart on the basis of skin color.

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      I didn’t say the comment “wasn’t so bad”. I don’t agree with the White History Month as I said, and I don’t think it makes the entire comment okay. I wasn’t aware of these heritage months, so thanks for that info. At the same time, I feel it’s a bit like Women’s History Month, which I never heard of until I was eighteen and only because I follow feminist blogs like this. Don’t you think it’s a little understandable to not be aware of things like that when it isn’t discussed very often? Maybe I shouldn’t have made my comment without searching out that information, but I think it’s an understandable mistake to make.

      I’m not saying this tweeter isn’t a racist. I think they are. I just took that little idea and went off on a tangent, I guess. I don’t think it’s fair for you to say that I am ‘intent on masquerading as someone who cares desperately about equality’; though I understand that statement to those who agree with the tweet entirely, it isn’t an interchangeable opinion with mine.

      I do care about equality. It isn’t an act to complain about reverse racism on my part. I’m trying to learn and listen and be a good ally for racial equality. I do slip and make mistakes sometimes, and so for that I apologize. I would, however, appreciate it if you do not equate my comment with others saying the comment isn’t racist at all.

      This is probably coming across as hyper-sensitive and I apologize for that, but I hope that I’ve been able to clarify my opinion.

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        In all honesty, you were only one of several hundred people to make a comment on the topic of that particular tweet. I wasn’t specifically referring to you in my follow-up post; I apologize if it seemed that way from my comment here. All I meant to say was that, here, you were someone who seemed not to know about the various months devoted to other cultures. The remainder of my follow-up post was not referring to you.

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          Thank you. I understood that you probably were not responding to me specifically, but since you mentioned my name I wanted to clarify!

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    I’m surprised nobody has used the standard rejoinder:

    Every month is white history month.

    (From http://yoisthisracist.com/, if the URL gets lost.)

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