Infographic: Oregon is the only state without anti-choice laws

Remapping Debate has published a well-designed but absolutely terrifying graphic illustrating anti-choice legislation in all 50 states. Oregon is the only state that hasn’t passed any restrictions on Roe (supposedly allowed by the “undue burden” standard set by Planned Parenthood v. Casey). On the other end of the spectrum, Oklahoma has passed 22.

Abortion restrictions

You can find a large, interactive version of the graphic here. 

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    This infographic seems inaccurate. I was suspicious about my home state (VT) being listed as having a “near total abortion ban” so I went to Guttmacher and found this:

    “In Vermont, the following restrictions on abortion were in effect as of January 2013:
    Vermont does not have any of the major types of abortion restrictions—such as waiting periods, mandated parental involvement or limitations on publicly funded abortions—often found in other states”

    With a little more digging I saw that the “near total abortion ban” came from NARAL, and while they do say that there’s a near total ban in one area of their site, they say that, “The Vermont Constitution protects the right to choose to a greater extent than the U.S. Constitution,” in another area. Since I know that abortions are available to women in VT, I trust the Guttmacher data more than this infographic/NARAL’s conflicting info.

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