Susan B. Anthony list to create training programs to help Republicans talk about rape

The only instruction that Republicans need about talking about rape these days is to…stop. Or, well, keep talking–so we can continue to learn about their curious and frightening logix about pregnancy, sex, consent, and magic uteri. I imagine Susan B. Anthony list’s training is going to be some form of–“doh, just stop talking about it!” But these fine men just can’t help themselves, because they actually believe what is coming out of their mouths.

via Politico. 

Marina Ein, whose public relations firm does crisis communications, said the party needs some kind of “sensitivity training” for its candidates if it wants to do better in the next elections.

“It all boils down to whether or not the Republican Party thinks this is a problem,” she said. “If they want to make inroads with women, then they need to subject every one of their candidates to sensitivity training — not to mention reality training.”

The training would have to “educate politicians on subjects that are absolutely taboo, except to say, ‘I sympathize with the pain of anyone who goes through fill-in-the-blank,’” she said.

Madden’s advice is simply to stop talking.

The problem is, that it is not their talking points that are the problem, it’s the beliefs that inform the talking points that are the problem. If you fundamentally believe that women have a mechanism to “shut that whole thing down”–sensitivity training is the tip of the iceberg. We should start with science text books and anatomy drawings.

(LOL’ing at image of Republicans sitting around anatomy chart asking questions).

As a legislator, the only concern you should have about sexual assault is what you can do, with your power, to end rape and the culture that allows it to happen. Anything short of that and you are part of the problem and shitty at your job.

via Think Progress. 


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